Alexandria donates €10,000 to the John Nurminen Foundation Clean Baltic Sea projects

For a cleaner Baltic Sea

Photo: Mikko Reinikainen. On the left, Erik Båsk, in the middle Jan Åkesson.
Photo: Mikko Reinikainen. On the left, Erik Båsk, in the middle Jan Åkesson.

After taking its customer magazine online, Alexandria decided to donate the funds saved in the process to the protection of the Baltic Sea. The operations of the John Nurminen Foundation are well in tune with Alexandria’s social responsibility objectives.

‘For quite some time now, we have been surveying the options we have for doing our share for the common good. The major phosphorus emission in Northwestern Russia earlier this year made us think of the status of the Baltic Sea, and we were impressed by the long-term work of the John Nurminen Foundation in this area that is important for us all. We want to do our share and support this extremely valuable work’, says Jan Åkesson, Managing Director of Alexandria.

The John Nurminen Foundation’s operations are fully funded with donations, and the range of donors varies from private individuals who donate monthly to major corporations and public sector stakeholders. The Foundation operates in five countries and 17 cities in the Baltic Sea area, and focuses on mitigating the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea and improving the safety of tanker traffic.

Erik Båsk, the Foundation’s Secretary General, accepted Alexandria’s donation in Helsinki this March.
‘We are very satisfied to have received this donation. We have no dedicated fundraising staff, so it is crucial for the success of our work protecting the Baltic Sea that companies and private individuals take the initiative and want to give us their support. All our resources focus on operations that allow each euro to result in a maximum positive impact on the environment’, says Båsk.

The article was written by Anssi Huisman, Communications Manager, Alexandria.


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