Brestvodokanal has prolonged the call for tender for the equipment supply in project PURE until 15th November 2012

Brestvodokanal has opened a call for tender for the equipment supply for enhanced phosphorus removal in project PURE. The supply includes pumps, piping and filters and their installation as well as automation and electrical works needed for dosing and storage of the phosphorus precipitation chemical. The supply includes also measurement equipment for nutrient analyses in the laboratory.

The tender dossier can be obtained at the site of Brestvodokanal and the project PURE

Additional information

Marjukka Porvari
Director, Clean Sea Projects
John Nurminen Foundation
phone: +358-41-549 1535
e-mail: marjukka.porvari@jnfoundation.fi

Tuuli Ojala
Project Manager
John Nurminen Foundation
phone +358-44-2032214
e-mail: tuuli.ojala@jnfoundation.fi


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