Helsinki International Horse Show to support the Clean Baltic Sea project

Helsinki Horse Show and the John Nurminen Foundation have signed an agreement about collaboration for the Baltic Sea. The Horse Show is a pioneer of environmentally friendly horse-riding events. The 2018 Horse Show will significantly reduce the harmful environmental effects of the event. For example, the electricity and heating at the Helsinki Ice Hall have been completely produced with horse manure.

The event is steered towards a cleaner future in collaboration with various stakeholders. The Horse Show challenges competing events, the Horse Show audience and horse lovers to reflect how small acts can affect large-scale environmental questions.

“We have long been searching for meaningful environmental projects to connect with the Helsinki Horse Show. With the John Nurminen Foundation, we saw a great opportunity. Horse racing is a strain on the environment and thus on the Baltic Sea also. We want to do our part in making the Baltic Sea cleaner. In August, the Horse Show will participate in the RunFest event and donate all of the collected payments to the John Nurminen Foundation. Furthermore, from 19 June onwards, Horse Show ticker buyers can pay for an optional Clean Baltic Sea donation,” Says Tom Gordin, Event Director of the Helsinki Horse Show.

The Horse Show’s goal is to raise awareness of environmental issues and to create permanent strategies that can be applied among the entire horse-riding community.

“We are grateful that the Horse Show joined us in saving the Baltic Sea. Through this collaboration, we can spread the important message of protecting the Baltic Sea to an even wider audience. Even though protecting the Baltic Sea is a large-scale mission, even a single citizen can affect the state of the sea by various everyday choices,” says Annamari Arrakoski-Engardt, Secretary General of the John Nurminen Foundation.


Erkki Salo
Fundraising Director, John Nurminen Foundation
+358 40 728 1859

Tom Gordin
Event Director, Helsinki International Horse Show


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