John Nurminen Foundation to Lead Discussion on Sea and Landscape at the Book Fair

The Helsinki Book Fair, the largest book event in Finland, opens tomorrow, Thursday October 26, at Messukeskus in Helsinki. During the four-day fair from 26 to 29 October, more than 1000 events will take place. At the fair, John Nurminen Foundation will organize three interesting discussions on the history and current state of the Baltic Sea.


Fri 27 Oct, 13:30–14:00, Aino-sali

Masterfully written and illustrated, Alpo Tuurnala’s book Pohjoiset purjeet is an in-depth study of the era of Finnish sailing ships and seafaring life.

The history of Finnish sailing ships is teeming with enchanting examples ranging from small fishing boats to large vessels ploughing the oceans. The capricious nature of the sea and the everyday life on board have afflicted the most weathered seamen throughout history. Alpo Tuurnala, the author-illustrator of Pohjoiset purjeet, will share his stories of the history of Finnish sailing ships with the visitors to the fair.

Pohjoiset purjeet is the fourth book by Alpo Tuurnala published by the John Nurminen Foundation. Released in August 2017, the book offers heart-stirring and tragic, but also amusing and endearing tales about ships and seafarers at the mercy of the inconstant sea. Tuurnala is well-versed on the subject and not least by virtue of his career: the author worked for decades in the Navy, where he was responsible for design and acquisition of vessels.


Sun 29 Oct, 11:30–12:00, Kullervo-sali

Vaelluksia maisemaan offers the reader interested in art and nature an unparalleled journey into the aesthetics of landscape shaped by nature and man.

On Sunday October 29, visitors to the fair have the opportunity to take a sneak peek at the monumental work entitled Vaelluksia maisemaan, which will be released later this year. Museum Director, Emeritus Markku Valkonen and Emeritus Professor Pekka Niemelä will present perspectives into their unique work.

Vaelluksia maisemaan – Taiteen mestarit meren äärellä examines the relationship between two disciplines—art history and natural sciences—and their presence in landscape art. The work depicts the ways in which natural conditions and human impact such as logging and cattle grazing are reflected in landscape art. The rich variety of illustrations of the book have been collected from European art museums. This book is, to date, the most extensive and longitudinal study addressing the relationship between natural-historical changes and art.


Sun 29 Oct, 13:30–14:00, Aino-sali

What does the algal situation tell about the state of the Baltic Sea and what can we do about it? What is the significance of fishing to a specialist researcher in environmental science and to a writer who loves the Finnish shores? Annamari Arrakoski-Engardt, Secretary General of the John Nurminen Foundation, will interview Senior Research Scientist at the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) Seppo Knuuttila and author Risto Isomäki. Visitors to the fair will be in for an interesting discussion between two top experts on their relationship to the Baltic Sea.


Non-book products such as diaries with marine themes can also be bought at the foundation’s stand.

In addition to the stage programme, visitors are welcome to familiarize themselves with the work and publications of John Nurminen Foundation at our stand 6e73. Several non-fiction books on history of maritime transport, maritime art, expeditions and cartography are available at discount prices. The visitors also have the opportunity to flip through the pages of the monumental work Vaelluksia maisemaan which will be released later this year. Check out also the notebooks and diaries with marine themes made in cooperation with Putinki.

During the book fair, you will receive discount at the John Nurminen Foundation online shop as well. Enter the promotional code KIRJAMESSU17 at checkout to get 20% off all products over 10 euros. The offer is valid for the duration of the entire book fair from 26 to 29 October 2017.

More information:

Anne Mäkijärvi
Marketing Manager
+358 (0)40 553 5835

The mission of the John Nurminen Foundation, established in 1992, is to save the Baltic Sea and its heritage for future generations. The objective of the Clean Baltic Sea projects is to improve the status of the Baltic Sea with concrete measures that reduce the nutrient load and environmental risks faced by the sea. The Clean Baltic Sea projects are financed with private donations and public funding. The Foundation’s publication and exhibition activities focus on the history of seafaring, exploration and cartography, and making them better known to the general public. The activities are supported by the Foundation’s extensive collections of naval art, maritime antiquities, and ancient maps. The Foundation publishes non-fiction books on related topics, and maintains the Loki online service, which is free for all.


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