NCC cleans its segment of the Baltic Sea

NCC, a key supporter of the John Nurminen Foundation since 2010, chose this year to support the Clean Baltic Sea projects through the new donation platform. NCC cleaned 60 pieces of the Baltic Sea in the sea area between Sweden and Finland.

ncc pelasta pala

Harri Savolainen, business area manager of NCC Construction Finland, says that supporting the John Nurminen Foundation’s Clean Baltic Sea projects has always been a natural choice: in particular, NCC appreciates the Foundation’s concrete approach and the measurable impact of the operations.  The cleaned pieces of the donation platform symbolise concrete results: during the past 10 years, the Foundation has completed 14 projects, in addition to which three projects in Russia are about to be finalised. New projects are on the way: in March, the Archipelago Sea local fishing project was announced, and the BEST project, focusing on nutrient loads from wastewaters, and the NutriTrade project that aims to create a marine nutrient trade system are already far advanced in their planning phases.

By financing the Foundation’s operations, NCC has made a concrete contribution to the reduction of the annual phosphorus load of the Baltic Sea. According to the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission, the annual phosphorus load of the sea should be cut by a further 9,000 tonnes. The Save a piece of the Baltic Sea campaign and its ‘buy a piece’ donation platform are steps on the road to expanding the operations of the John Nurminen Foundation, and reaching the new fundraising goal for 2015-2025. The fundraising target of the Clean Baltic Sea projects is €20 million in the next ten-year period.

The new donation platform provides an easy and fun alternative to making a donation: private and corporate donations can click and pay their donations via the so-called piece sale at www.puhdasmeri.fi, and the donated amount is decided by the donor. The challenge can be forwarded to friends:  ‘let’s join forces and clean this piece of the map during the summer!’

For companies, protecting the Baltic Sea is today’s way of doing environmental work and implementing corporate responsibility. By supporting the Clean Baltic Sea projects, companies participate in concrete environmental protection that brings results. The operational model of the projects has been applied from the corporate world, making it a great match for the way many companies think. Through cooperation, sponsor companies also receive information on the Baltic Sea, its status, and measures taken to improve the situation.


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