Satu Wrede and the Baltic Sea

MinaJaItameri-SatuWredeSatu Wrede has always lived by the sea, and the sea plays a major role in both her and her family’s lives. The Gulf of Finland and the archipelago in particular are very dear to Satu. One of the most memorable moments she’s experienced in the Baltic Sea took place a couple of years ago, when Satu noticed a seal swimming by their summer house – she could actually hear the animal breathing. She took a small boat and followed the seal for a while as it swam by their summer house. A special time of the year for Satu is spring, when the birds migrate from the south back to the archipelago.

Satu says there’s a number of reasons why it’s so important that the Baltic Sea stays in good condition. Besides being a route for traffic, offering a job and livelihood to many, it also has tremendous recreational value. To improve the health of the Baltic, a number of companies and stakeholders across different sectors need to collaborate and make a concerted effort. By working together, we can all enjoy the sea and take delight in its great variety in the future as well.

For the MetroAuto Group, the environment is a key consideration in everything it does. For instance, low-emission cars can help improve the quality of the air we breathe. Satu thinks it’s essential that the entire automobile industry makes the effort to develop more environmentally friendly products. These considerations are at the heart of the company’s culture and values, and therefore the 85th anniversary of MetroAuto was aptly celebrated by a donation for the benefit of the environment and the Baltic Sea.


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