Board and organisation

The everyday operations of the Foundation are led by the Secretary General Annamari Arrakoski-Engardt. There are 10 – 15 employees at the Foundation, some of which are working on project base or part-time. The Foundation’s operations are steered by the Board, members of which represent a broad variety of science, society and business life. The goals, schedules and budgets of all projects within marine culture and Clean Baltic Sea projects are subject to approval by the Board. Moreover, the Board steers and monitors project progress and the financial status of the Foundation on a regular basis.


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Juha Nurminen, Chairman
Eeva Ahdekivi
Juho Lipsanen
Kaisa Olkkonen
Markku Ollikainen
Per-Edvin Persson
Marja-Leena Rinkineva
Hannu Syrjänen
Jukka Anteroinen

Advisory teams

We are supported by advisory teams, consisting of experts and key stakeholder representatives, all working with us on a pro bono basis


Annamari Arrakoski-Engardt, JNF, Chairman
Juha Nurminen, JNF
Per-Edvin Persson, JNF
Vesa Hongisto, National Board of Antiquities
Hanno Nevanlinna, Futurice
Kimmo Levä, Finnish Museums Association
Markku Löytönen, University of Helsinki
Hanne Kettunen, Avanto Ventures
Samppa Vilkunen, Superson

Advisory Team, clean baltic Sea projects

Kaisa Olkkonen, Chairman
Jaakko Henttonen, EBRD
Ilkka Herlin, BSAG
Lea Kauppi, SYKE
Esa Nikunen, City of Helsinki
Harro Pitkänen, NIB
Liisa Rohweder, WWF
Monika Stankiewicz, HELCOM
Timo Tanninen, Ministry of the Environment
Erja Tikka, Ministry for Foreign Affairs

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