Participate in The Tall Ships Races Helsinki 2013 Event and donate to the Clean Baltic Sea projects!

The John Nurminen Foundation takes part in The Tall Ships Races Helsinki 2013 event

The Horizon

In association with the Tall Ships Races Helsinki 2013, the John Nurminen Foundation and the Baltic Sea Challenge of the cities of Helsinki and Turku establish a joint campaign to promote the Baltic Sea. For private individuals, the campaign sets the challenge of donating €50 in support of the John Nurminen Foundation’s work for the Baltic Sea. After making a donation, all campaign participants will have a plate, i.e. a ‘gleam’, with their name on it; the gleams will be used in the artwork, Horizon, created in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki. Designated ‘gleams’ can also be given as presents. The Horizon will be handed over to the Mayor of City of Helsinki Jussi Pajunen on July 19th during The Tall Ships Races Helsinki 2013 event.


”A young perspective on the Baltic Sea” photography competition

A photography competition ‘A young perspective on the Baltic Sea’ will be organised during the Tall Ships Races event. The photographs will be taken by the youngsters who have joined the ships’ crews for the race. The competition is organised by the City of Helsinki, and coordinated by CreaMentors Oy. Rajala Pro Shop and the John Nurminen Foundation are partners of the competition.

The objective is to depict the Baltic Sea from a fresh perspective while simultaneously increasing awareness on why the status of the Baltic Sea is poor, and what we can do to improve it.

A digital photography exhibition of the participating photographs will be assembled at Forum Box in Hietalahti. The exhibition is open from 17 to 20 July 2013. During the event, the photographs are also on display at the Kuvalo photography service (www.kuvalo.com, Gallery code mhqzfl), and at the Rajala Pro Shop promotion point of the event area. The public can vote for their favourite photographs online at the Kuvalo photography site, and at the promotion point of the event area from 17 July 2013. to 19 July 2013. You can purchase photographs and products bearing them from Kuvalo. Sales profit for the photographs is directed to the Clean Baltic Sea projects of the John Nurminen Foundation.

The results will be published on Friday 19 July 2013 at 2:00 on the main stage of The Tall Ships Races Helsinki 2013 event.

Photographs: www.rajala.fi/itameri

The rules of the photography competition


The Tall Ships Races Helsinki 2013 event

The John Nurminen Foundation joins The Tall Ships Races Helsinki 2013 event as a partner of City of Helsinki. The Tall Ships Races is a competition for large sailing ships, and it comes to the Baltic Sea every four years. The purpose is to gather young people together in friendly competition, regardless of their nationality, religion or social background. Over 100 vessels with about 3 000 young sailors will participate in the Tall Ships Races Helsinki 2013 sailing competition.



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